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Tech Mantra

Title of the show:Tech Mantra
Show Category:Technology
Schedule Time: 09:30 AM
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Tech Mantra was a technology-based show telecasted on the Malayalam General Entertainment channel Amrita TV. This half-hour show was one of the few Technology related shows in Malayalam Channels. 




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The show introduces some coolest electronic gadgets as well as new technologies that are going to rule the world. Apart from updating viewers about the latest technologies, it also covers the best deal offers in town. There is a segment called Top 5, which grades the top 5 brands in different categories. Also, the show has contests that give away gifts for the viewers. 

The first episode of the show was aired on August 6th 2011. Now, the show has been concluded.

Here check out some of the popular episodes of the show:

In the above clippings from the show, the anchor introduces and reviews F&D F6000 - Home Theatre speaker. 

The above episode of Tech Mantra introduced Suraksha @ School, a brilliant technology for schools, to the audience. 

Tech Mantra Episodes, Promo Videos, Clips, Etc.


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