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Title of the show:Ottachilambu
Show Category:Serial
ScheduleMon - Fri Time: 08:30 PM
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Ottachilambu is a Malayalam horror television series airing on Mazhavil Manorama. The show is directed by Binu Vellathooval and is written by Rajesh Puthanpurayil. Ottachilambu is produced by Prakash Menon. This show features popular Malayalam actress Nithya Das in the lead role. This also marks her comeback to the industry.


The basis of this TV show lies on the concept that the souls that have yet to get the spiritual freedom have pain, fear, revenge, and rancour.

A girl named 'Devootty' was born and has the same birth star of 'Swamandakam'. Swamandakam was brutally burned alive in the historically old 'Eloor' palace. She incubates into Devootty's body. She wants to take revenge to those people who killed her. She warns about her revenge to those people who killed her and her family through Devootty. Devootty falls in love with a young guy named 'Adikeshavan' and he helps her to take revenge. The story is all about those who died earlier before fulfilling all their aspirations and ambitions in their lives.



The story starts with Ambika, a charming beautiful girl of Eloor palace. She lost her parents years back and is taken care by her uncle and aunt, who are Thampuran and Thampuratty of Eloor palace. Thampuran and Thampuratty love Ambika more than their own children. But things all changed when Ambika falls in love with her Malayalam teacher Andrews. As Andrews was from a different religion, Thampuran and the family doesn't want Ambika to be married to Andrews. This forced Ambika to elope with Andrews. Andrews family and his religious people, all were against their marriage and not a single person were there to support them. Andrews got a job in a school and they rented a house and start to live there. After a year, a baby girl was born to the couple. An astrologer on evaluating the birth star of the baby girl predicted that 5 deaths will occur in the family due to the fault in the birth star. Ambika was worried and Andrews comforted her telling that nothing to worry about this. But things happening in the Eloor palace was not at all good. 5 deaths happened there and all were weird. Ambika and Andrews were not knowing the happenings in the Koovilakam.

Years passed, their baby girl Devashilpa (Devootty) is grown and all these years they were living in a rented house. Now, they bought a new house and moved to there. They were too happy as Ambika becomes pregnant. Unfortunately, both Ambika and Andrews died in an accident. Devootty decided to go back to Eloor palace and a Swamy promised to take her there. Swamy took her to a temple and she becomes favorite of everyone there. From there, Thampuratty founds Devootty and decided to bring her to palace as Adikeshavan's daughter.

Adikeshavan is a young man who is investigating on hosts. He speaks to the spirit of Syamadakam and understands her feelings. He decided to help her to take the revenge to those who killed her.



Nithya Das as Symandakam/Seemanthini, Lakshmi-Ravindra Varma's illegitimate daughter/Ghost
Baby Manjadi Joby as Devashilpa a.k.a. Devootty, Ambika-Andrews daughter
Sharran Puthumana as Adhikeshavan
Urmila Unni as Umayamma Thamburatty, Queen of Eloor Kovilakam
Angel Mariya Joseph as Dr.Chinmaya Pisharody, Adv.Pisharody's daughter
Rajeev Parameshwaran as Ravindra Varma(Ravi), Thampuratti's son /Syamandakam's father
Sharika Menon as Arundhathi, Ravi's wife
Sajitha Betti as Anna Rose, Andrew's sister
Shameem Poovath as Mahadeva Varma(Devan/Mani), Thampuratti's son in law
Ram mohan as Dharma deva Varma, Elayachan
Ardra Das as Sandhya, Thampurati's younger daughter
Sethu Lakshmi as Sudharma Mahadevan 
Anand Narayan as Sidharth(Sidhu)

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