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Title of the show:Naagakanyaka
Show Category:Serial
Schedule Time: 12:00 AM
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Naagin in Malayalam!

Naagakanyaka (Nagakanyaka) is the Malayalam dubbed version of the popular Hindi TV Series Naagin.

Well, it is time for all those who followed the Hindi serial "Naagin"to get to watch their favorite show once again. According to the latest updates, Naagin will be soon featured in Surya TV.

For those who haven't had the opportunity to watch it, take your time out to watch an epic tale of love, hatred, prejudice and revenge.

The story depicts the tale of a revengeful serpent, who's parents are killed trying to protect Lord Shiva's "Naaghmani". After years of meditation to Lord Shiva, the revengeful daughter gets to shapeshift she can turn human and snake upon choice. So, for everyone, who is bored of long droning and crying serials, here comes a change - to watch a mystery thriller, as the snake tries to identify her enemies and eliminate them, vowing to hurt humans in turn falling in love with a human herself.

Will she get her love in the end or will he hatred for humans blind her to the one choice she has towards true love??

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