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Manjal Prasadam

Title of the show:Manjal Prasadam
Show Category:Serial
ScheduleMon - Fri Time: 07:30 PM
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Manjal Prasadam is a mythological drama series airing on Malayalam Entertainment channel Flowers TV. The show was launched on 28th November 2016. The serial is directed by Pradeep Madhavan while the script is penned by Biju Raveendran.

The show was well received as it was totally different from other usual TV serials with mind blowing visuals, graphics, and music.



The show is based on serpent worship and centered in Nagamadathmana. Nagamadathu Mana has a history and so many stories to tell. A temple and a Kavu are associated with this Mana. There is a relation between the snake and peoples living there and that is what the story is based on. The members of the Nagamadathu Mana always believe that snakes will protect them from any evil activities and dangers.

Nagamadathmana has its own rituals and rules that are strictly followed by Nagamadathmana members and believers. The poojas are performed by Amma, the most respected person of the Nagamadathmana. Current Amma is Kunjikuttiyamma, who is nearing taken up the position when she was 18. After 70, she is not eligible to be Amma and has to left the position to another woman.

To find out the next Amma, the Nagamadathmana members conducted a Devaprasnam, an astrological ritual carried out to interpret the will of the gods. As per Devaprasnam, the woman who is going to head as next amma will see two snakes hugging each other in Kavu's Shiva Linga. Surprisingly, none of those women gathered there haven't seen any such scene in a dream or real life. But, actually, one woman has seen such a dream and was not present there at the time of Devaprasnam. It was Vaishnavi. As the time arises to choose Amma, each and every member of the Mana were requested to reach there. For this Vaishnavi, who was in Bengalooru reached Mana with her friends.

Actually, Vaishnavi is in love with her friend Rahul. When Vaishnavi came to know about the Devaprasnam and the dream mentioned in it, she realized that she dreamt the same. She becomes worried and discussed this with friends. If she is chosen to be Amma, she has to remain unmarried and has to sacrifice her love for Rahul.

So, Vaishanavi and friends decided to hide the dream Vaishnavi has seen and wish that another lady from the Mana will see the same dream later. The friends of Vaishnavi also created some problems in the Mana and the after effect of this is what the show is all about.



Ann Mathew plays the lead role in this TV series and portrayed the character of Vaishnavi. Ace Mohiniyattam dancer Kalamandalam Radhika also plays an important character in this show. The role of Dakshaki is played by actress Sanooja.
The whole cast is as follows:

Ann Mathews as Vaishnavi
Kalamandhalam Radhika (Kalaradhi) as Muthasshi / Nagamadathamma/Kunjootty
Sudeep karat as Unni Thampuran
Sanuja as Dakshaki
Kalyani Nair as Renuka
Nithin.P.Joseph as Eshwar
Ajubsha as Sunder
Sree Rag Ram as Rahul
Sayana as Kalyani
Anil Narayan as Narayanan Namboothiri
Kalamandalam Geethanandan as Bhattathiri
Dr Jamil David as Sreedharan Namboothiri

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