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Title of the show:Malooty
Show Category:Serial
ScheduleMon - Sat Time: 08:30 PM
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Remembering 1992 Malayalam Movie 'Malootty'? No one can forget that Malootty played by Baby Shamili. That's Big screens' Malootty. Now, another avatar of Malootty appears -this time it's on the mini screen. 

Malootty (Malooty) is a Malayalam television serial directed by S.S Lal. Mazhavil Manorama is airing the serial. The first episode was aired on 30th November.


Malootty is born as the only child of Harikrishnan and Maya Devi. Unfortunately, Little Malootty's parents are unhappy couples and they move in the opposite lane of life. The couples see the sacred wedding chain (Thaali) and their only child Malootty as a burden of life. This is the case with Malootty's grandmother too. This makes the life of Malootty more lonely and she lives like an orphan. Their housemaid Clara is the only caring person in her life.

The unhappy couples decide to file for divorce and the court orders Malootty to stay with either of her parents. As Malootty is grieving with her life, a missed call was all about to change her life. The missed call was from a man named Manu John Kurishinkal and he starts calling Malootty thereafter. Malootty feels care and love in that man which she fondly called Manu Uncle. What happens next is what the story is all about.


The title character of Malootty is portrayed by Manju Kalam serial fame baby Niranjana. Other roles are played by Swapna Treasa, Sumesh Surendran, Ramesh Panikkar, Manka Mahesh, Souparnika Subhash, Kailas Nath, Jojee George, and others.

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