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Title of the show:Kuttykalavara
Show Category:Cookery
ScheduleMon - Thur Time: 08:00 PM
Kuttykalavara Title Card/Logo:

Kuttykalavara was a cookery show for kids aired on Flowers TV. It is more than a cookery show! Yes, you heard it right. Apart from kids cooking, the show has kids' fun, interaction with television artists and celebrities. The show was scheduled every Monday to Thursday at 8 PM on Flowers TV.

Kuttykalavara features children between the ages of seven and eleven. Twenty participants have been divided into ten teams, each with a celebrity mentor. The children need to stay together and perform a series of tasks together, including singing, cooking, and so on. Uppum Mulakum actors Al Sabith and Shivani Menon were participants in this show, and they were mentored by their on-screen mother Nisha Sarangh.



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