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Title of the show:Sthreedhanam
Show Category:Serial
ScheduleMon - Fri Time: 09:00 PM
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Sthreedhanam is a Malayalam drama series aired on Asianet. Created by R. Remesh Babu, the show was helmed by Krishnamoorthy under the screenplay written by Pradeep Panicker. 


Prashanthan is the eldest among the three children of Sethulakhsmi and Lakshmanan Pillai. Being a prevailing and greedy mother, Sethulakshmi forced her son Prashanthan to marry Divya from Meledeth Family. Her eyes were all in Divya's wealth and but what she came up to her husband's house with a worthless grant and small gold. Later, Sethulakhsmi found out that the golds of Divya are fake and she took Divya back to her house. The fake gold setup was actually an agreement between Prashanthan and Divya's father Govinthan. However, Sethulakhsmi insisted that Divya can come back to the family with original gold ornaments only. Meanwhile, Prashanthan's cousin Mayuri wants him as her husband. She also started deceitful tricks at chances to make Divya's life more suffering.


Divya Vishwanth as Divya Prasanth MLA
Chithra Shenoy as Palat Sethulakshmi
Sonu Satheesh Kumar as Veni
Rajeev Roshan as Prashanthan
Arya Rohit as Pooja Prasad
Vishnu Prakash as Lekshmanan Pillai
Ambarish / Dheepan Murali as Prasad
Rajeev Ganesh as Prakashan
Deepa Jayan as Prema
Haridas as Vinayan
Kottayam Rasheed as Mathi Suku
Gayathri Varsha as Prema's Mother in law
Sini Varghese as Mayuri
Rajani Murali as Mayuri's mother

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