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Title of the show:Amma
Show Category:Serial
ScheduleMon - Sat Time: 09:00 PM
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Amma was a Malayalam drama series telecasted on Asianet. It is one of the longest running serial in the channel.


Amma is the story of a little girl called Chinnu. Originally, She is the granddaughter of Judge Govinda Menon of Poomangalam Tharavadu. He lives with his wife Subadra and they have three grown up sons- Prakash, Sharath, and Anand. Lekshmi is married to Sharath and Ponnu is their daughter.

On a Durgashtami festival day, the family loses their Ponnu in the crowd. After that incident the family goes into full of sorrow. Actually Ponnu was kidnapped by "Heera", a bad woman who uses childrens for begging and earn money and have some other illegal activities. She handover Ponnu to Mallika and she renamed Ponnu as Chinnu. She brought her up with great care and love. Chinnu was very attached to Mallika and believes that she is her real Mother. She was the best pick pocketer in the gang. But she treasured many good qualities in her and was a saviour to one and all in the gang. She was the most beloved Chinnu for everyone who knew her.

But the truth was reveiled to Chinnu when Mallikka was in critical condition. She give her an "ellas"( a sacred locket) to Chinnu and said that she found it from her body and this will help her to find her parents. With the death of Mallika, Chinu was orphaned. She escapes from the cruel traps of Heera and finds herself a refugee at Shegaran Master's home.

Shegaran Master's daughter married Anand and brought back to his wife, which is also Chinnu's house. Anupama, takes Chinnu along with her,which opens the doors of Poomangalam for Chinnu. It didnt take long for Chinnu to identify her parents, Sharth and Lakshmi there. But unfortunately, none was there to hear her words. The truth was ignored. Meanwhile, Govinda Menon's sister Ambika and her son Deepu, learns the fact that Chinnu was the their missing child Ponnu. However, they never reveals the truth to anyone and also, assaults Chinnu in all means.

One day they charges a theft done by Deepu on Chinnu and throws her out of the house. Lost in the way, Chinnu finds a shelter in the house a lady, who runs a tea stall. There she meets Meenakshi, who is a girl of her age. She gives the "ellas" to her and send her to Poomangalam, to make Lakshmi happy. Everyone in the house was excited to get their lost child back. Meenakshi started to live her life as Ponnu. However the luxuruies and love from the family, makes Meenakshi blind and she also turned agianst Chinnu.

Heera kidnaps, Appu, the younger kid of Shartah and Laksmi. However, Chinnu strives hard and gets back Appu, which again gives her a place in the family. The detsiny was not on favour of Chinnu. Meenakshi and Ambika joins hands to play agianst Chinnu and she was again expelled from Poomangalm.

Tears and solitude was her only companion. However God always kept something good for the kind hearted kid.This time she was safely routed to a sports coach Vinaychandran. He recognises her talents and trains her as a brilliant athelet. In between, Vinaychdran's younger brother Karthik marries, Indhu, who is Subardra' neice. Chinnu wins a prestigious race and is invited back to Poomangalam.

But this was again not the end of misfortunes in Chinnu's life. Medias reported that Chinnu was kept as a servant at Poomangalam, which invited troubles to them. Without knowing the tricks of Meenkashi behind all these happenings, everyone in the home again goes agianst innocent Chinnu.



  • Malavika as Chinnu/Ponnu
  • Gowri Krishna as Diya/Chinnu
  • Kumarakm Rakhunath as Vidhyasagar(Diyas Father)
  • Sharath as Sharath
  • Naveen Arakkal as Arjun
  • Maneesh Krishnan as Mithun
  • Angel as Shreya
  • Beena Antony as Urmila(Diya's mother)
  • Sreekala as Lekshmi(Ponnu's Mother)
  • Adithyan as Prakash
  • Kalasala Babu/Ibrahim Kutty as Govinada Menon
  • Maya Viswantha as Heera


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