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About the Channel

Asianet News is a Malayalam news channel owned by Asianet News Network (ANN), a subsidiary of Jupiter Entertainment Ventures. Earlier, the channel was part of Asianet Communications and now even though both networks use the same logos, the channel is not part of Star India owned Asianet Communications Limited.

Originally, the channel was not launched as a news channel and was named Asianet Global. Then later, the channel was rebranded as a news channel titled Asianet News. Currently, Asianet News is the market leader in the television news sector in the Malayalam language.

Apart from Asianet News, Asianet News Network also has a Kannada news channel titled Suvarna News and Kannada Prabha, a Kannada newspaper. The parent company is also an investor in the English news channel Republic TV.

Popular shows on Asianet News include News Hour, Cover Story, Point Blank, Munshi, Smart Drive, Nerkunner, Money Time, and Malabar Manual, etc.


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